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J-Birds has the following babies available at this time.

Congo African Greys

We now have Congo babies in the house. Hatched between January 1 and February 1, 2007. These babies are gorgeous and will be weaned when they are 15-16 weeks old. Now accepting deposits. Shipping available.


People often ask us about the perfect bird for a family with children and we always respond "Eclectus". We now have Vosmaeri, Solomon Island and Red Sided babies available.
Loving birds that would make the perfect family pet.

Preloved Parrots

Call us softies. We occassionally take in pre-owned birds whose owners can't care for them. Wonderful loving birds who find themselves living with our flock. We don't ship adults. It's important for us to find just the right owner in person. If you are interested, call us at 985/892-3527 for a visit. We now have:
Congo African Grey (F) - Very tame and in perfect feather. Talks up a storm and loves to be the center of attention. Three years old.
Quaker Parrot (F) - Very tame, perfect feather and a bundle of energy. Talks a lot.

Breeder Parrots
We rescued, and subsequently purchased a dozen parrots after Hurricane Katrina. Since we specialize in large parrots, the following birds are available. All have had thorough physicals by Dr. James Maxwell and are in perfect health.
1 - Mitred Conure Male

It is possible for us to obtain other birds of interest from several reputable breeders in our area. If you desire a bird that is not listed on this page please feel free to email us and we will try to find the perfect bird for you.

(The photos above, unless otherwise noted, are representative of the species and sub-species mentioned and are not the babies available. We're more than happy send photos of the actual babies to interested parties upon request.)

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